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Old 02-12-2010, 01:00 PM
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Post FAQ: How do I sell items in the UserBST?

How do I sell items in the UserBST?

#1 Your user account has to be in the seller group. To check this, click on ‘edit profile’ on the top of the home page.

If 'User type' isn’t ‘Seller’ or ‘Consignment’ please choose one and enter your Paypal account to be used in the ‘Buy Now’ button on your listed items pages.

#2 once logged in as a seller. Click on ‘SELL AN ITEM IN USER BST’ on the header menu to bring you into the User controls.

Click on ‘Sell an Item in User BST’ on the bottom to list your item.

Fill out all the fields in the next form. There are descriptions of each field if you click on the ‘Help’ question marks.

After you submit your item, it will be placed into the ‘Items waiting for approval’ container until it is checked by a legit checker for authenticity. Once it is verified and approved by a legit checker it will be placed into the ‘Approved Items’ and shown in the UserBST for people to view and purchase.


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