Legit checked auctions.
This is a list of eBay items are checked for authenticity by Heatslingers and it's legit checkers. All of these auctions were added manually by knowledgeable legit checkers looking at the pictures and sellers reputation. All of the hand checked items should be hand tagged with the sellers ebay name in the pictures. The auctions that are not hand tagged are still allowed because the eBay seller has an outstanding number of verified authentic kicks sold on eBay. If you need an item checked that's not in our database look up the eBay item number in the 'Lookup ebay item number' search bar. If it's not found it will be placed in the queue for the legit checkers to authenticate. You can also post your legit check in the forums for other people to comment. Heatslingers does not guarantee authenticity from eBay sellers. We can only rely on the pictures and seller rep to bring you the best possible chance of buying authentic items from eBay. If you have any problems with any eBay user please post in the appropriate forums as we build up a database of scammers, fake sellers and so on. Please use the 'Report this auction' link if you see anything that doesn't look right. If the auction is pulled you will get +5 LCAP which can later be redeemed for kicks, prizes and a whole bunch of other things once we get rolling. If you submit an auction that was authentic or any other false reason you will be given -5 LCAP. If you hit a certain negative number, you will be permanently banned from the site so please be careful.


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